• Chapter 1

      Defining the Budtender Role

      Defining the Budtender Role 3 mins
       The position of budtender takes a lot of finesse. In this course, we will teach you how to interact with customers; empowering them to successfully integrate cannabis into their lifestyle with your guidance. 
    • Chapter 2

      Customer Service

      Customer Service 16 mins
       Not every customer is the same and therefore not every customer wants the same experience. It is your job to give each customer exactly the experience they want to have. Put your customer in charge of their own experience. To be able to do that we must understand who our customers are! 
    • Chapter 3

      Cannabis Science

      Cannabis Science 13 mins
       As a budtender you have an incredible responsibility. You not only drive the consumer market, but also interface with many novice consumers who seek advice on cannabis consumption and its therapeutic properties. Many cannabis consumers don’t know much about cannabis or cannabis products. Therefore, it is your responsibility to advise the customer on which brands to support with their purchase and why. 
    • Chapter 4

      Cannabis Product Knowledge

      Cannabis Product Knowledge 14 min
       When it comes to cannabis, there are myriad methods for consumption and quite a wide range of products available. This can be overwhelming for both you, a new budtender, as well as a new customer. We can do a whole course on just cannabis products and consumption methods! So for now let’s keep it simple and outline the most common consumption methods and product categories that you will encounter as a budtender. 
    • Chapter 5

      Application of Cannabis Science

      Application of Cannabis Science 10 mins
       In a cannabis dispensary, our primary goal is to help customers best integrate cannabis into their lifestyles. However, it is also important for you, the budtender, to sell cannabis. In this module, we are going to address how to best sell cannabis and deliver the best in class customer experience. 
    • Chapter 6

      Course Wrap-Up

      Course Wrap-Up 2 mins
       We do a final wrap-up and recap and reflect on everything we've learned.